About Us


BODY COACH is a high end boutique gym and physiotherapy clinic, oriented towards “Home Personal Training” services across the country.
Based in Hazmieh Lebanon, our main vision is to enhance the quality of our clients’ well-being wherever they are located, through customized fitness programs and personal follow up to insure they reach their personal targets accordingly.
We want to create value. We want to make a difference!

Our mission

To achieve our vision, BODY COACH is committed to:

  • Inspire clients to change their lives by becoming physically active and developing their nutrition awareness.
  • Educate, motivate and support clients step by step to achieve their personal goals by creating fitness programs according to their distinguished requirements.
  • Being a personal Fitness companion by building a strong long lasting relationship with our clientele along the road.

Our Core Values


We constantly strive to upgrade our services and create innovative health programs to make sure we’re the first to bring you the very latest in Fitness.

Customer Satisfaction

We are devoted to satisfy our customers’ needs by listening to their requests individually, understanding their expectations and accompanying them on their journey in and out of the gym.


We provide high end quality services whether at the gym or at home, supported by professional experienced team members, and the most updated equipment.


Our team is continuously trained on high level customer service to reflect the BODY COACH image wherever they go, to maintain the best relationship with the clients and be fully committed to their privacy and various recommendations.