Physiotherapy & VIP


At BODY COACH, our physical therapists are experts in pain and injury solutions, they focus on each client's individual concerns and expectations. The treatment is thus oriented towards the patient's specific needs.

Our physical therapists are highly skilled in evaluation of active and chronic injuries. They practice the assessment of surgical and non-surgical neuromusculoskeletal injuries.

In a team approach with physicians, the physical therapists design and implement programs for the management of these disorders in clients of all ages and physical abilities.

We also assist the athletically – active individuals (including elite athletes) by preventing injuries and then, if any injury occurs, we support them to continue their pursuits with minimal disruptions.

Our areas of physical therapy include:

  • Pre-participation screening
  • Equipment recommendations
  • Cardiovascular fitness programs designed to help in safe and unremarkable return to activity
  • Reducing pain
  • Learning how to avoid future problems
  • Returning to the previous lifestyle
  • Increasing flexibility and movement
  • Improving core stability
  • Etc...


VIP Treatment

Our services also include professional and efficient VIP Complex treatment which provides:

  • Removal of excess weight and body fat
  • Cellulite prevention and treatment
  • Fast local remodeling of the figure
  • Anti-aging treatment, massage and wrinkles removal
  • Etc...

Get outstanding results by losing 2 to 4 cms from the first session!
10 to 12 sessions are required for optimal results

Our mission is to provide comprehensive rehabilitation services dedicated to maximize the well-being and health of our clients.


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